Advertise your business on Star FM 104.5 Limassol

Star FM 104.5 is a radio station broadcasting to Limassol and plays the Greatest International Hits from the ’80’s, ’90’s and current millennium. Our audience are international, affluent and decision makers! Therefore, it makes sound financial sense for your business to target potential customers and clients who are those with access to a substantial disposable income.

Advertising with Star will also give you an opportunity to help you extend your reach and change the image of your business through our finely crafted radio commercials which are produced by a variety of production houses across Europe.

We will always work with you and your business to devise a campaign that will give you a healthy return on your investment. Our sales team will liaise with you very closely to your satisfaction.

Our aim is to play music that everyone is familiar with and as the music is an international mix…listeners to all stations will be able to enjoy Star FM, whether it be their first-choice station or something they enjoy occasionally.

Listeners who listen to Star FM all the time are known as P1 listeners and those who listen as part of a mix of listening to stations various are known as P2. We are constantly welcoming new listeners from other radio stations and are keen to expand our P2 base.

If 75% of radio listeners in Limassol sample Star FM at least twice or three times a week…this is a very useful and a cost-effective way of introducing a business to a new clientele. The population in Limassol is rather diverse, cosmopolitan and international. Advertising on Star FM will bring a cross pollination, providing everyone with a new clientele and bringing in new and untapped business and revenue. 

Star FM 104.5 Sales Objectives

“Other FM may be cheaper…”

Yes, it may be cheaper on paper… But will it be as effective? We will work with you to tailor-make a campaign that will bring you increased footfall… increased enquiries or hits on your website. We use commercial producers from all over Europe to deliver results. We will help you with ideas on scripts and sounds and do everything to deliver a

package that works!

Always remember…advertising is free! We only charge to broadcast and produce ads. It is your increased

business that will pay for it.

We limit the number of ads we play and try to develop a long last relationship with clients. You ‘re as important to our business as we are to yours.

Shorter ad breaks mean that your ad isn’t lost in a sea of messages. Therefore, advertising with Star FM is the most efficient and cost effective. 

“My friend advertises on other FM so I need to be on with him…”

Surely you would love to demonstrate to your friend how effective advertising with Star FM can be so he can join you. 

Very often people will hear an ad on Star FM and notice how good it sounds in comparison to an ad for the same business elsewhere. We believe in quality… Quality that will bring you quality clients and repeat business.

Always remember…

  • We don’t compete on price, BUT on quality and our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients. We achieve results for your business through our knowledge and experience.
  • We work with you…we don’t take the money and run.
  • We are here to help your business grow by offering a service that everyone can take advantage of without any pressure. Whether it be a call for immediate response or brand awareness… Radio advertising with Star FM is essentially free, as your new clients and customers pay for it for you!